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Specializing in Professional Polygraph Services and Forensic Interviews
We are proud partners with Patrick E. Coffey of Metro Atlanta Polygraph. With his help, we are able to provide elite polygraph testing throughout Metro Atlanta.

Patrick E. Coffey

Patrick E. Coffey has provided polygraph testing to a large number of Police Departments in the Metro Atlanta Area.  He conducts pre-employment screening for a large number of the New Police Applicants for Police Departments in the Metro Atlanta, and assist in the testing of suspects in major investigations.

He also provides Sex Offender Testing to convicted sex offenders for the local probation/parole offices and treatment providers throughout Georgia.  He provides private testing for individuals with personal issues such as infidelity, paternity and more.

Mr. Coffey served as an Accredited Special Agent with the US Army Criminal Investigation Command.  He worked as a general crimes investigator and conducted felony investigations, which included interviews and interrogations of witnesses and suspects; collection and preservation of crime scene evidence; crime scene photography; planned, coordinated, and executed felony arrest; prepared affidavit for search and arrest warrants; prepared complex reports of investigation; and testified in court proceedings.

As a Drug Suppression Team Chief,  he planned, coordinated, and executed covert and undercover operations; coordinated and worked with local drug task forces in conducting drug operations; participated and directed high risk building entries and felony arrest of drug dealers. As a major crime scene coordinator he supervised the processing of major crimes scenes such as mass murders or disasters.  As a support Agent for protective service missions, he provided executive protection for the Secretary of Defense, the Under Secretary of Defense, the Chief of Staff of the Army and many other dignitaries.

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